Jeffry Schneider, Principal

Jeffry Schneider is the Principal of Onyx Capital.  Onyx Capital is an alternative investment boutique, which specializes in due diligence and consulting services.

Jeffry Schneider has been an asset to the financial services industry for more than 17 years. In that time, Jeffry Schneider has risen to the top of his profession with single-minded determination, an in-depth understanding of securities management, investment banking, and alternative investments.

In 1990 Jeffry Schneider began his career at Alex Brown in New York City.   In 1992 he joined Paine Webber and ultimately was recruited by CIBC Oppenheimer where he became a senior vice president with the Corporate and Executive Services team. CIBC is a leading integrated financial services corporation in New York, providing wealth management and investment banking services to family businesses, institutional investors, and others.

Jeffry Schneider then joined Axiom Capital Management, a full-service broker/dealer with operations in New York and Florida, where he was appointed senior vice president. Jeffry Schneider specialized in alternative investments and used this asset class to fulfill the financial needs of individuals and institutions.

In 2004, Jeffry Schneider moved into another senior vice president role, with Paradigm Global Advisors, where he managed and supervised the company’s US efforts in the marketing and structuring division of the firm.

In 2006, Jeffry Schneider founded Onyx Capital in response to the burgeoning interest in alternative investments emanating from high net-worth households and smaller, institutional investors.  Despite the growth in allocations to hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other alternative investments, private clients and smaller institutions have not had adequate assistance in identifying and investing in top-tier sponsors.

At Onyx Capital, Jeffry Schneider leads a team that works closely with broker/dealers, registered investment advisors, financial planning firms and other institutions.  He and his team help the clients of these firms find leading sponsors in the alternative investment space.

Jeffry Schneider’s creation of Onyx is essential in today’s economic market. Onyx Capital enables investors and sponsors to meet in the complex alternative investment environment and also offers sponsors a broad array of services, supporting their sales and marketing efforts as well as their compliance and operational needs.

Jeffry Schneider graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Outside of his professional career, Jeffry Schneider has also shown strength and single-mindedness in other areas of his life, namely via the Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand, an annual race known for its grueling length and adverse race conditions. He has also participated in several qualifying events since 2004, such as ½ Ironman at St. Croix in 2004 the ½ Ironman in Clairmont, FL in 2005 and the ½ Ironman in Santa Rosa, CA  in 2007. In addition, Jeffry Schneider ran the New York City Marathon in 2005; and the 3M’s ½ Marathon in Austin in 2008.

Jeff Schneider, Registered Representative, IMS Securities, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC

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